Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, true and false identification method

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, consumers have begun to have concerns the dates listed on authenticYangcheng Lake hairy crabs. It is reported that authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs this year is expected to be available around September 20. Experts advise consumers to better understand some of the relevantinformation, effectively Tell Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, to avoid straying into consumer traps.

It is reported that, ”Yangcheng” trademark is registered by the State Administration for Industry, protected by state laws where proprietary trademark, on behalf of pure quality, credible, is the leading brand of China’sYangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Consumers can identify the authentic with four strokes, “Yangcheng brand” hairy.

First, the technical supervision of intelligence by the Suzhou special security signs to identify. ”Yangchengbrand” hairy Suzhou Quality and Technical Supervision on the “special security crab buckle” crab buckle on the front of geographical indications of origin protection of national identity, clearly printed on the back, “Yangcheng Lake” in the name, by telephone, SMS, website information authenticity.

Tel: 95105581,051265735581.

Second, Suzhou City and Jiangsu Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Group Co., Ltd. produced the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, “Yangcheng” brand crabs will be wearing business “security belt.” ”Security belt” in the middlemarked “Yangcheng brand trademark”, it is easy to identify.

Third appearance. ”Yangcheng brand” hairy Tizhuang, pier thick, strong, powerful two stout claws Octopus, on the glass can hold up, crawl freely. Compared with other crabs, the crab if it is the same head, ”Yangcheng” brand crabs appear fuller, heavier body weight.


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