Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital

China-Japan Friendship Hospital is to provide free financial assistance the Japanese Government, Chinese and Japanese governments to build a modern hospital. In December 1981, the foundation, hospital opened in October 1984, equipped with advanced instruments and equipment 8,000 units.

China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, Cherry Park Street, is directly under the leadership of the National Ministry of Health hospitals of a large comprehensive. Covers an area of ​​9.7 hectares, construction area of ​​106,320 square meters, with 1500 beds, attached to Institute of Clinical Medicine, Peking University China-Japan Friendship Clinical Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Clinical Medicine China-Japan friendship and health schools. With medical treatment, teaching, research, rehabilitation and preventive health care and many other features.

China-Japan Friendship Hospital for difficult diseases, diagnosis and treatment of severe critical focus on Chinese and Western medicine combined with features, financial health, teaching, research, rehabilitation and preventive health care and many other functions into one, and to assume the central cadres of health-care tasks, and more than 100 countries , regional foreign medical missions.

Ministry of Health China-Japan Friendship Hospital in 1993 was named the national tertiary level hospitals, and Beijing has been named “Top Ten” hospital and the national “Top 100″ hospital. Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital in 2001 was listed as the central health hospital. At the same time China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Clinical Medical College of Peking University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Clinical Medicine. Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital has a large number of well-known experts, scholars and outstanding young medical workers, more than the current deputy senior technical titles and more than 600 staff, postgraduate and above nearly 700 people. Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital with helical scan CT, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography X-ray machine, the performance of advanced medical linear accelerators and other large medical equipment.

Since the establishment of the Ministry of Health China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the medical industry as the country’s foreign exchange windows, foreigners in Beijing Association has been rated as “state-owned hospitals for medical treatment of foreigners in Beijing, the first unit of satisfaction”, and with Japan, the United States, France and many other country’s universities, research institutes and medical institutions to establish a good working relationship. China-Japan Friendship Hospital has hired 82 foreign medical and hospital management experts as honorary professor at the same time, nearly 30 medical professors and management experts have been appointed honorary professor at prestigious universities abroad or visiting professor, and has successfully held 60 more than 400 people in more than an international academic conference.


Foreign patient route

1, from the Beijing Railway Station: Take Metro Line 2 at the Lama Temple Station, transfer to Metro Line 5, in the south exit of Huixin West Street Station, walk to the hospital;

2, from the Beijing West Railway Station: Take Metro Line 1 single-station transfer in the East Metro Line 5, in the south exit of Huixin West Street Station, walk to the hospital.


Route in patients with locally

1, take the city bus 119,361,379,406,419,422,479,602,62,674,684,984,713, American Express and other Sino-Japanese Hospital, 201 Station;

2, Line 5, Line 10 (Huixin West Street South Exit);

3, the suburban railway line 13 (Shaoyaoju)


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